Private walks in Crete

Multi days tour in the centre of the White Mountains

The best way to experience the magical world of the White Mountains is to spend some nights in them. In the summer months, with the weather being very stable it is easy to go for 2 or 3 days and travel light: no tent, sleeping under the stars. It may not be that comfortable - the White Mountains are a harsh environment - but the night sky is your reward. Where you stop is only defined by the need to be fairly close to one of the rare springs so as not to have to carry too much water. But beyond this constraint you can wander any way you want.
Bear in mind that walking in the Cretan mountains requires you to be able to walk without too much trouble on very rough ground. Most of these walks are not on paths.

  • Descending Melindaou
  • Below Mesa Soros
  • A camp near Livadha
  • Milky Way
  • Night in Ammoutsera
  • Modaki
  • Looking West from the summit of Grias Soros
  • Somewhere in the High Desert
  • Traversing a scree slope
  • Resting  near Pyrgos Mitato and looking at the summits of Agio Pnevma and Grias Soros
  • The view from the summit of Svourichti
  • South-west of Pachnes
  • Above the gorge of Elygia
  • A camp below Zaranokefala