Private walks in Crete


Crete is straddling the Mediterranean and North African climate zones but because of its mountains the habitats and vegetation range from North African semi-desertic all the way to arctic-alpine periglacial environment. This explains the huge diversity in vegetation: over 1900 plant species, around 10% of them endemic, grow on the island. It's a true paradise for flower lovers.

I am not a botanist, in fact, despite what a number of people think I don’t know much about botany. But I know where to find the truly rare mountain flowers. My interest for them was initially sparked by photography and, I guess, the hunt instinct did the rest. I even discovered an important new species and took the first ever photos of the flowers of another rare endemic.

If you wish to see mountain flowers let me know what your interests are as well as the time of the year you have in mind and I’ll give you some suggestions. Bear in mind that seeing some of these rare plants can require fairly arduous walks.