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Walks along the South coast of Crete

The South coast of western Crete has remained a wild place with the mountains falling steeply into the Libyan sea. There are plenty of ancient paths, opportunities to swim on deserted beaches, breathtaking views from hills, pine forests, ancient archaeological sites and lonely Byzantine chapels. Wherever you are, you feel that you are close to undisturbed nature and in touch with old civilizations.


Paleochora to Sougia a fairly easy coastal walk passing through the antique site of Lissos. Little shade. 

Sougia to Tripiti a beautiful, shaded coastal walk with a little detour by the chapel of the Prophet Elias (stunning views). Walking there and back in a day is a little too long so it is better to arrange a boat one-way from Sougia (when the sea is calm).

The chapel of the prophet Elias
View of the bay of Agia roumeli from Sellouda

Agia Roumeli to Agios Ioannis  this walk starts along the coast, passing by the almost deserted beach of Agios Pavlos, then climbs up through a pine forest on an ancient path to the village of Agios Ioannis. Splendid views and a chance to see bearded vultures if you are lucky.

Agia Roumeli to Loutro starts on the same path but continues along and above the coast towards Loutro instead of going up

Loutro to Chora Sfakion
 not a very long walk along the coast. Its main interest is the beautiful "Sweet water beach"

Sougia to Agia Roumeli this is real wilderness. The path has disappeared at times through lack of use. Many dangerous passages and a high risk of getting lost. This is a two days walk.

Omalos to Koustogerako and Sougia a lovely walk through an ancient forest. The path is high enough to be pleasant in midsummer but it is quite difficult to find. Lovely views.

Agia Roumeli despite its reputation as a stopover for people who have just crossed the Samaria gorge as having the atmosphere of a railway station waiting-room, Agia Roumeli has a lot to offer if you know how to avoid the hordes. There are for example three ruined Venetian castles which offer splendid views in its vicinity, as well as an almost deserted beach (not where the tourists are of course)

Anopolis area, Anopolis to Loutro, Aradena, Sfakia to Muri. The plateau of Anopolis is one of the most beautiful areas in Crete. It doesn't quite fit under the section "South coast" nor does it fit in the "Mountains". Anopolis is a world in between. The White Mountains form an imposing backdrop and you keep catching views of the Libyan sea, far below to the South. You get the sense of an old place with a present deeply rooted in a rich past. This place is about as close as the real Crete (disappearing fast elsewhere) as you will get.