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Mountain walks

The White Mountains or Lefka Ori is the largest mountain range in Crete, consisting of dozens of peaks over 2000m of altitude (the highest is Pachnes, 2453m) and cut by over 50 deep gorges, often ending at the sea. They are situated in the prefecture of Hania in Western Crete.

The White Mountains are so named because they are covered in deep snow until late spring. In the summer, the limestone rock glistens white in the sun. On the South the mountains plunge steeply into the sea. It is the wildest and most beautiful area of Crete and one of the rare places in Europe where you can laze on a beach whilst looking at snow covered mountains.
The area of the White Mountains is quite large and varied and offers walks of various levels of difficulty, all with great views. There are also good opportunities to observe rare birds of prey (various types of eagles, griffin vultures, bearded vultures) and sometimes kri-kris (Cretan wild goat)


Below are some examples of walks and hikes

Omalos to Kallergi, Psari and Melindaou summit (2153m) is quite a long walk but it is possible to drive up to Kallergi in the summer. Bird's eye view of the Samaria gorge and of Pachnes, fascinating rocks, crocuses fields in the spring.

Melindaou, Katsivelli, Anopolis is one of the possible continuations of the walk, crossing the centre of the White Mountains (2 days in total).

Omalos to Gingilos summit has the advantage that no long approach walk is needed: the path starts just above the entrance of the Samaria gorge. The path is well-defined up to the saddle, becoming a little more difficult further up. Good views of the plateau of Omalos and the Samaria gorge. From the summit you can see both the North coast and the Libyan sea. A good walk in the summer as it is never too hot.

View of Samaria from above
View from Pachnes

Pachnes (2153m), at the centre of the White Mountains can be reached from several directions. A place of silence in a moon landscape. Great views of the whole of West Crete from the summit.

Agios Ioannis to Zaranokefala summit and Pachnes (or vice versa) is not an easy walk as there is not always a path but it is one of the most beautiful in the White Mountains. Fantastic landscapes and varied view



Kambi (Apokorona) to Volakies mountain hut, Spahi and Agia Pnevma summits  a little known walk approaching the White Mountains steeply from the North. Good views from the whole North coast.

Omalos to Psilafi summit a little known walk, good views of the plateau of Omalos and the gorge of Tripiti. Good safe winter walk as well.

Psilafi in winter